Taxiarchis Poligiros

Taxiarhis is built near the crown of Mt. Holomontas in an altitude of 650m. The tradition connects Taxiarhis with Agio Oros (Holy Mountain) and especially with the monastery of Dohiarios and the monastery dependency of Archangel Michael. Its previous name was Lokovi and was officially named Taxiarhis in 1928 after the patron saint of the village, Archangel Michael. It is 25km away from Poligyros and according to the census of 2001 the population is 1078 people.

People deal mainly with woodcutting, produce of cordwood, agriculture and cattle breeding. The builders, stonecutters and craftsmen from Taxiarhis, who work all over Halkidiki, are also reputable. Many women deal with weaving, knitting and needlework, while important part of income emanates from the growing of fir for Christmas trees. Finally, more and more people deal with agritourism.

The mountainous crossing of Holomontas offers the possibility to the visitors to enjoy the dense forest, full of oaks, beeches, chestnuts, hollies, pines, firs and a variety of trees, bushes, wild flowers and aromatic plants, while the view you can enjoy from several places is unique. Suggestively, we mention Bara, Apolimeni Petra, Pasa’s well, Sxismeni Petra, the location Agios and the wild district of Arkoudolaka. The sights of Taxiarhis are the great fount Sipotoura, located at the entrance of the village, Kato Pigadi, the stone built square, the basilica with cupola church, the church museum, Hani, several traditionally built houses and a number of churches and country churches interspersed in and around the village.

Finally, Taxiarhis presents touristic interest in both winter and summer time. There is substratum, which continuously develops, for accommodation of the visitors in traditional houses and hostels with all the comforts. The marking of old paths, the lining of walking routes, riding, biotopes, places of controlled hunting and breeding preys, climbing and mountaineering, as well as the famous taverns in the area, attract more and more the interest of foreign visitors.

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