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The sunset in Halkidiki has surprises.

Definitely from where you can see it is amazing, but some points will definitely steal your heart and mind. One of these places is Thalassikipos, a small hill next to Panagia Bay. Perhaps the only place where with 360 degree view you can see both the sunset and the sunrise. Every point you focus on hides a magical snapshot. The colors highlight a rich palette and if you are lucky and have a few clouds then you will witness a magical painting of nature! Do not forget to have a local wine with you.


Just 80' car drive from Thessaloniki separates you from Diaporos Island.

Your buddies, your good mood and a boat full of essentials can make you live unforgettable nights somewhere in Diaporos. Clean and safe waters, absolute silence, magical colors of the sky and you somewhere in the middle of the sea.


It is impossible for our beloved Kassandra to miss these experiences

Shortly after Kallithea the clubs offer nights full of music and beautiful experiences. But if you want to continue the after partying, Flegra beach is waiting for you to wake up together, just 5 'by car.


The sea definitely whets the appetite.

If you are somewhere on the beaches of eastern Kassandra, explosive cocktails and flavors await you at Bistro Kriopighi. In a cool place with a garden, make a journey of flavors in the heart of Halkidiki!


Summer of 2018, while enjoying cold cocktails at Manassu beach bar, Akti Onirou.

One of the dozens of blue waters of Sithonia and the next move was a boat ride on the coast of eastern Sithonia to the open coast of Vourvourou. There Nikos threw a cane and we took out a big fish. Somewhere in Agios Isidoros on a small beach, it was just us. We lit a small fire and unfolded the concept of Greek gastronomy with the magic of simplicity. Baked fish on the beach,while the sun falling and the sky highlighting its unique colors and the accompaniment of local tsipouro was the take-off for all the senses!