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Sunrise in Afitos

If you want to end your night in a unique way, the sunrise in Afitos is waiting for you every morning to experience it. The gentle summer breeze with the tranquility of the sea and opposite the sun to start the day the feeling is simply indescribable!


Camping in Diaporos Island

If you have been to Sithonia you definitely know about this small island. It is a natural treasure with only 2 permanent residents! Once you have the essentials get on a boat and go across and live magical days and nights exploring the landscape. Small, quiet beaches scenes of a movie from another era. Overnight with your beloved ones on the beach listening to the gentle wave and the summer shaving to illuminate the Greek sky. And somehow the first light of the sun will wake you up, to spread the sunbeams and the orange colors in the land of Halkidiki.


Sani Resort

One of the best resorts in the world is located in Kassandra and adorns our Halkidiki with the beauties and experience it offers. Activities, high gastronomy, light blue waters, bars, music and events, are a few of the experiences that this little paradise in Sani of Halkidiki can offer you, just 45' from the airport of Thessaloniki.


The tomb of Aristotle

This blessed land has so many beauties. So here, in Stagira, Halkidiki, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle was born. At the age of 17 he was admitted to Plato's Academy in Athens where he remained for 20 years. His works constitute the 1st Integrated System in Western Philosophy.

His thoughts and teachings still reflect his great work in Hellenism and humanity.

The tomb was discovered in 2016 by Costas Sismanides, Archaeologist & Doctor of Classical Archeology.

It is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the world.


Parthenonas Village

The traditional settlement of the Parthenon, just 12 'from Marmaras, is what we call "something different" of Halkidiki. A small village that stands in the passage of time like an oasis from another era. The view of the Toroneos gulf that will amaze you, the traditional Macedonian architecture that strongly resists the modern reconstruction will give you moments and images that you will hardly forget.