Sikia Sithonia

On the south eastern point of Sithonia, the last town is Sykia with a population of 3000, about 160km from Thessaloniki (via Sarti).

There are various legends regarding the origin of the place’s name. The first relates to the shadow (skia) of Mt. Athos. Αnother says the name is a paraphrase of the ancient town Siggos, which became Siggia over the years and finally Sιkia.

Also, the old fig tree (sikia) around of which the town is built, gives us a possible explanation for its name. The town’s architecture, mainly the older part, has a lot in common with the architecture of Mt. Athos.

The relation between the villages goes back many centuries ago, when there were large monastic properties in the area that supported the monasteries financially. Another sight worth seeing is the hill surrounded by a castle, where an important civilization might have existed.

Today the locals make a living from agriculture, fishing and tourism. The area is full of beautiful beaches, which are located at the foot of Mt. Itamos, interlaced with roads and paths, all leading to the mountain’s forest.

For the visitors’ comfortable stay there are hotels, rooms, camping grounds, restaurants, bars, clubs and most of all the hospitality of the locals.

Sikia Sithonia image