Sarti Sithonia

Sarti is located on the east coast of Sithonia. It was named after the ancient city of Sarti, which was probably located in the same area. The name Sarti can be found in the writings of Herodotus as a city-station of Xerxes' expeditionary forces.

Ancient Sarti was a member of the Athenian Alliance. Important ruins of the ancient city are located above the gulf of Sykia. It is not known when or why the city was destroyed. During the 14th century, there are reports of a village in the area called "Sarti", which belongs to the Monastery of Xenophon. After 1922, it was inhabited by refugees from Asia Minor.

Today Sarti is a holiday resort that combines the beauty of the mountain and the sea, the crystal clear waters, the white sandy beaches and the secluded coves that enchant the visitor, leaving him with unforgettable memories. The area is ideal for all kinds of water sports. The locals are very hospitable. There are many hotels and rooms for rent for a comfortable and pleasant stay, as well as various campsites and caravans for nature lovers. The many restaurants and fish taverns offer a wide variety of traditional dishes and fresh fish. Relax while enjoying your coffee or ice cream in one of the quiet cafes or get into the rhythm of the vibrant nightlife. You can take a short afternoon walk to the Monastery of Xenophon, which is located 500m. from the village.

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