Psakoudia Sithonia

Psakoudia is the seaport of Ormylia, and its settlement gathers the largest part of the tourist activity and development of the region. It is built by the sea and on the road network of Thessaloniki-Sithonia. It is mainly a resort, on a seaside area, very beautiful and easily accessible. It has 120 residents, who are mainly occupied with tourism, while during summertime the population comes up to 4000 habitants.

The ladder of an old quarry and the settlement of Psakoudia. The settlement’s infrastructure includes 4 big hotels (600 beds totally), about 500 rooms to let, a camp and many restaurants, confectionaries and cafés. In 1993, the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works approved an urban design on the expansion of the settlement in a region of 600 acres of communal land, which provides a lot of potentials for the future development of the settlement.

Psakoudia Sithonia image