Porto koufo Sithonia

Porto Koufo, is the safest natural harbour in Greece. The name “Kofos-limin” (deaf-port) is mentioned in the ancient works of Thucydides.

Outside the port, one can see Kartalia, the southernmost point of Sithonia; an impressive area where the rocky shore rises to over 100m. Its dimensions are maximum length 1.600m., width 550m., depth 8.23m, entrance opening 300m., depth 10.33m. and 5,5-27m.

On its rocky and steep coastline caves are opened up, and in one of them, on the the entrance, the visitor can enter by boat.

Another interesting cavern is found on the south-eastern side of the harbour, on the peak section of the old quarry. A visit today is almost impossible, due to the section created by quarrying.

This cavern must have been a worship spot during the Roman years. Later, to purify the area, the Christians drew red characteristic crosses on the cave’s roof.

Porto koufo Sithonia image