Neos Marmaras Sithonia

Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan village in Sithonia.

It combines the sea and the mountain, the wild fun and the romantic walks, the Greek and the international cuisine in a unique way. A walk in the pine forest that relaxes by the sea gives the visitor a unique amphitheater view of Neos Marmaras and the uninhabited island of Kelifos, just opposite, in the shape of a turtle.

The sun reflects the sea, the sky changes with myriad colors at sunset, the sand shines on the beaches, wet from the deep blue waters and the scattered pebbles shine in elegance between the waves that reach the beach. Only poetic and romantic images come to mind, as no one remains unmoved by the majesty of nature, it unfolds in front of the visitors of Neos Marmaras every day.

The traditions that the refugees brought with them to Neos Marmaras give the area a special local color that is more intense during the summer months, when most local events take place.

Neos Marmaras, combining calm with fun, absolute relaxation with intense activity, is addressed to all ages and all possible preferences.

Neos Marmaras Sithonia image