Arnea Athos

Arnea, a city of 2500 people in mountainous Halkidiki, built at the foot of Mount Holomontas. It is 70 km from Thessaloniki and 38 km from Polygyros.

It is the capital of the region. Ruins of ancient civilization have been found 3 km from the municipality of Arnaia and many believe that it is the site of ancient Arni, mentioned by Thucydides. The citadel and its walls have been discovered on the hill of Prophet Elias.

It is privileged due to its important traditional history. For this reason, it has been declared a "Historic Site" and a "Traditional Settlement" by the Ministry of Culture.

In recent years, efforts have been made to develop alternative tourism through the European Union LEADER program. Traditions, traditional buildings and cultural events have been preserved and developed, so visitors looking for something different will find it in Arnaia.

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Tourism in Halkidiki should not start and end at sea. The uniqueness of Arnaia with its mountain range, wonderful climate, handmade fabrics, honey and traditional neighborhoods, gives Arnaia an opportunity for alternative tourism development. Those who visit Arnaia have the opportunity not only to see exhibitions of handmade fabrics, but also to watch the weaving. The weavers of Arnaia were and, at some point, a large creative part of the population, and with hard work and sensitivity they maintain the local traditions.

Also, in the natural environment on the slopes of Holomont, under oaks, near streams where bees are kept, groups of tourists or even individuals can see the way beekeepers work and get to know the bee community. Visitors can buy all the products from beekeeping. Visitors can also visit the rare natural beauty of the mountainous mountain areas. Ολομόντας. July 26 is the festival of Agia Paraskevi, which is full of cultural events. It is also worth seeing the Folklore and History Museum of Arnaia, the Mansion "Giatradiko", which will soon be open daily, as well as the traditional hostels of the municipality and the entire traditional settlement of Arnaia.

The area has good roads to and from Thessaloniki. Starting from here, there is a daily excursion to Mount Athos and the villages by the sea in this area.

This way guests can combine mountain and sea holidays at the same time.